How we Grow our Nopal through our Co-op grower society is with extensive investigative testing with various local and national universities. We have found through this collaborative relationship that to grow premium quality Nopal you need four pre requisites. Altitude, Temperature and Water as well as optimum soil conditions.

- Altitude - Above all, altitude is the key to a successful, prosperous field of Nopal. The three largest producing states all have altitudes exceeding 2,000 meters. We have taken advantage of this key requirement by finding the ideal growing conditions. Our farms situated on a steep pine forested slope (2,400 meters) have one of the best altitude and climatic conditions available to grow the highest quality naturally grown Nopal.

- Temperature - An extended season of hot or cold weather can greatly reduce the optimum production of Nopal, The temperature at our farms is at the optimum, equal to that of Milpa Alta fields and without the pollution hazards of Mexico City. Ideal temperatures should be annual mean of 17-24 degrees 65F-85F. 

- Water - A plentiful supply of this vital nutrient through our rainy season guarantees exceptional quality and production without needing artificial irrigation techniques.

- Natural Prime Cut - Our dedication to provide you the customer with the most mature, most succulent and ripest Nopal available has led us to exclusively farm mature Nopal stems that grow up to 40 cm in length. This size is prized as the most fibrous in Mexico and we dedicate ourselves to providing this size of exceptional quality.

- Organic-nutrition -Through a special team of dedicated biologists, agronomists and producers, we have managed to grow the optimum in nutritional quality and in international sanitary standards as well.

Freshness guarantee - The methods and extra care we take in harvesting our Nopal, has given a new meaning to the word CARE. "Create with the Ability to Respect Excellence".