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Nopal GrowersWelcome to our Nopal powder section where we give you our future nopal wholesale customer an overview of our Nopal dehydration process. From start to finish we take great interest and pride in providing the best quality Nopal powder currently available in the international market. How we do this is to continue our commitment to "CARE" - Create with the Ability to Respect Excellence Here below we will show you the stages involved in our Nopal powder. From the fresh Nopal pads that we hand pick to the final stages of Packaging. Please understand that we have to be careful what to show on this open internet page so unfortunately we are not able to show you our complete dehydration technique. Of course our clients do have access to this information and have never doubted that our natural dehydration process lives up to what there quality standards require.

Mature PadThis picture shows a typical Mother pad from our fields with baby Nopalito leaves that are almost ripe for cutting our fresh Nopal product for export. The larger mother pad is what we use for our Nopal powder, we use the mature pads because of the higher nutrient and mineral content. The standard size is over 30 cm in length and can be up to 2 kg. or more in weight.  

Fresh Opened PadHere we show you a mother pad that has been vertically cut to show the true content of a mature Opuntia ficus Indica Nopal pad. Notice the heavy concentration of fiber rich membranes. This size is the best for dehydration. It is what we exclusively use for our Top quality Nopal powder. Many other dehydrators will tell you that they use this size but they really cannot because of the extra cost of buying them as the price is higher. They often buy fresh Nopalitos baby leaves when the product is available at a cheaper price at wholesale food markets. We as growers have these mature mother pads available all year around and this is why our Nopal powder is prized as the finest in consistent quality, guaranteeing you a high nutrient, mineral, and fiber rich Nopal powder product. 

Nopal DehydratedOur dehydration technique is unique and a secret, once you are a customer we will explain but for now we can say we are one hundred percent natural, solar with shading. This allows us to be clean, precise and above all sanitary.

* We do NOT dry on concrete floors.
* We do NOT have cross contamination.
* We DO use natural solar dehydration.
* We DO have the best sanitary method known.

We can assure you the very best quality Nopal powder on the global market. We hope that you will contact us very soon and become a valued customer so you can be guaranteed top quality Nopal powder. 

Cactus Bulk Piece Cactus bulk pieces Cactus Crashed
Nopal fine powder Nopal cactus bag Nopal powder bag back


Fine mesh sacksHere we show you how our Nopal is packed and ready to be shipped. Our powder can be processed in various mesh sizes of 40 – 60 – 80-100 Mesh. Our standard mesh size is 100 mesh or Fine Talc or flour in consistency. This can be packed the way you desire and shipped the way you require.
Our Nopal powder is normally shipped in 20 Kg. Sacks. The inner Bag is a Heavy Duty transparent Plastic and heat-sealed. The Outer sack is a triple stitched Polyester-plastic bag. The plastic drums that you see beside them are 100-Litre containers that can be used for customizing your shipment for an additional fee. (These drums are also used also for packing our Nopal Juice concentrate – click on Nopal juice for more information about our Juice concentrate packing information).
Smaller orders can also be packed in 1 Kilo and 5 Kilo Plastic Bags and then Boxed in 20 Kilo Cartons for your sample shipment requirements.

Nopal sack labelA close up of our Nopal powder packing - We tightly seal the shipment with a plastic shrink wrap. The pallets hold a standard one Ton weight or 50 x 20 kg. We label the pallet on the outside and include all shipping documents with each pallet. This offers you the assurance that there are no markings on the individual bags in the event you require the shipment for delivery to a customer.

Our Competitors Drying Methods.

Do You Really Know How Your Nopal Is Dried.....? 

Strepthacanta Strephtacanta Competititors method
This is how most Nopal powder starts...
Desert Nopal with little nutrition and mineral value.
Fresh baby Nopal pads on a desert plant, look closely zooming in and it looks like "ficus indica" A competitors Nopal pads, filthy, rotten and deceased. Click right mouse button and zoom in
Competitors method Competitors method Competitors method
Our Nopal pads are on the right the competitor is on the left, judge for yourself which one do you want?

Freshly cut and drying Nopal, notice the heavy machinery in the background.

This is a typical drying method, notice the man walking over the fresh Nopal pieces turning them as he goes.... Is this the quality you want?

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